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st 103 pro pant

ST 103 Pro Pant

Many hockey referees wear these pants that have plastic protection on the tailbone and kidney. They also have protection on the hips, calves, and thighs. Plus, they have three pockets and are 100% machine washable.

st 102 shell pant

ST 103 Shell Pant

No Protective Shell.

pvs 100 pro vest

PVS 101 Stevens Pro Vest

Protect your upper body with this vest featuring thick foam on the outside, soft foam on the inside, shatterproof plastic in between, full frontal coverage with chest and sternum protection, and a 6-inch spine pad. Easy to put on with front velcro closure.

dvs 100 referee shin guard

DVS 100 Referee Shin Guard

The item is made of light materials and has a breathable inner liner liner. The knee and shin caps are shaped and molded and shaped. There are three straps made of Velcro™. This product offers excellent hold and comfort!

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